The circles of women around us weave invisible nets of love that carry us when we are weak, and sing with us when we are strong. – SARK

Your Collective. Your Impact.

Luneer Collective is founded on the belief that the Earth urgently needs more women at the helm on conservation and climate issues in order to build a more sustainable, resilient and just world. This is about more than leveling the playing field–it’s about engaging everyone’s brain power and talent to maximize every organization’s ability to sustain the planet. It’s about giving women a strong voice in issues that impact them the most, like the climate crisis. It’s about the tremendous potential for solutions that comes from connecting and co-powering a community of diverse, talented women committed to the cause of safeguarding the environment and our future.

Your voice matters–tell us what you think and help shape everything we create for you.


  • Because the Planet needs women’s superpowers to radically reshape our world for the better.
  • Because women care deeply about the planet—they are the majority of employees in conservation organizations, they buy more eco-friendly products and invest more in green funds, and they are on the frontline of crisis and change—they deserve a voice at the table where the decisions get made.
  • Because there is power in the pod, in radical collaboration, in sharing stories, in leaning on and learning from a collective of diverse, creative and committed women with whom you share your struggles and a passion for the planet.



We empower women with the know-how, nurturing and networking they need to thrive as impactful leaders. We share stories, strategies and successes of what’s worked for us as leaders. We hold safe and brave space for each other where we can talk about the challenges and fears we face, and draw comfort from knowing we are not alone. We co-create an inclusive, diverse and open community to lift women up and help navigate the complex role of leadership.


Hi, I’m Sharon (she/her). As a fisher’s daughter growing up in outport Newfoundland, I was forever out combing the rugged hills and rocky shorelines, enjoying the wild beauty of ‘this place.’ As islanders do, I moved out into the world, carrying with me my deeply rooted sense of place and connection to the land and sea. A fulfilling environmental career led me to special places the world over, and to organizations like the Charles Darwin Research Station in the Galapagos Islands, and Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama. There, I led strategy, communications, development, and and education and training programs that centered underserved groups, and engaged publics in science and conservation.


These days, I facilitate gatherings to connect and co-power women in environmental leadership through peer coaching and leadership development in support of their work for the planet. Because I believe the more diverse women we have in leadership roles, the better, brighter and greener the world will be for everyone.


My toolbox is diverse. I hold a bachelor of arts, a bachelor of public relations, a master’s in environmental education and communications (#lifelonglearner). My facilitation and consulting practice is grounded in the Technology of Participation (ToP) methodology, pioneered by ICA Associates Canada, a global leader in training professional facilitators. I’m a recipient of the Smithsonian Institution’s Education Award for outstanding achievements in education, and was part of teams at two organizations that won the prestigious BBVA Biodiversity Award for Conservation in Latin America. As program chair member of the planning team for the University of Florida’s Inspiring Women Leaders Conference (2018 to 2020), I helped grow the event exponentially and center diversity, equity and inclusion in programming.


When not in the Collective, I can be found devouring books, yoga flowing, cooking up a scoff, hanging with my kids and partner, a marine biologist with whom I share a deep love of the ocean (pun intended), or walking Luna of the soulful eyes and jungle-dog-at-heart nature.

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